• Services

    Start-up/New business development and Strategic branding ,

    endorced by rich experiences are our greatest strength

    startup, business,development


    Conceptualizing / Identifying market needs  Creating vision statements
    Identifying market needs

    Creating vision statements

    Strategic business planning

    Financial planning / Business structuring
    Setting up companies / Team building Results-oriented implementation



    Competitor analysis / Identifying targets Positioning
    Translating brand identity into a local market context
    Designing brand architecture
    Developing and executing field plans
    Offering continuous evaluation and adjustment

  • Approach

    With our complete range of top quality resources, a host of previous achievements, and an established network of contacts in major Asian cities, we can provide comprehensive service or a partial, tailor-made service, based on client requirements.


    • We offer an accurate assessment of the business and market

    • We offer an understanding of a company/brand DNA, even in multi-cultural environments


    • We can act as an advisor/researcher before market entry

    • We can act as partner/agent/distributor

    • We can set up a new company

    • We will collaborate with other local partners, wherever relevant

    • We can establish a joint venture with other local partners, wherever beneficial